Our vision
To be recognized as the IT expert offering the full range of IT services to solve the challenges our customers face every day.
Our mission

Our mission is to be your IT solutions provider.
Our allegiance is to our customers.
We will provide clear, concrete and achievable answers. 
Our experts will provide you with IT consulting services from all points of view.
We partner with the best computer manufacturers in the industry to provide you with the latest solutions.
We will provide an optimal architecture and adapted solutions.
Our diverse and talented team is dedicated to your success.
We will be able to accompany you.

Our History

A.S.N. Inc. (aka ASN Tech), a Quebec company founded in 1987, offers a complete range of products and services adapted to the IT needs of businesses of all backgrounds and of all sizes. 

For more than 30 years, A.S.N. Inc. has built a solid reputation in the consulting and integration of IT solutions in Quebec and Canada. You will benefit from our seasoned consultants, established in multiple areas of IT expertise. We are proud of the reputation for excellence we have built and strive to honor the values that set us apart.

• Efficiency
• Reliability
• Availability

Histoire ASN Tech